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Josselin CAËR

I help my clients to modernize their institutional websites, by offering them a custom technological solution, which meets their needs in terms of SEO, speed and cost. And the best part? Your content is fully editable via a CMS.

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After setting up a site allowing us to display news about our mobile game "Pocket Champs" to thousands of users, Josselin was able to offer us effective solutions to meet new needs that we had not anticipated.

Its availability to quickly exchange ideas, test functionalities and correct defects means that in just a few weeks we have gained enormously in flexibility in the creation and management of content with tools that can be configured according to our expectations and adapted to a product that is evolving. .

Community Manager @ Madbox.io


Josselin accompanied us very effectively in the migration of our site from WordPress to a stack using Gatsby, Gatsby Cloud and DatoCMS while implementing a brand new Design System.

Thanks to this work, we now have a very efficient updated site and our editors benefit from a much more powerful workspace via DatoCMS.

Matthias BOURG
Head of Engineering @ La Fabrique by Crédit Agricole

Micro entreprise

I'm a french freelancer, and pay my taxes in France.

Micro entreprise , not subject to sale taxes

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CAER Josselin


As a digital nomad, i'm working from Salvador de Bahia, Brazil and always stay available for a call :)

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Paris & Medellín, January 2021