Manage your content through the CMS
Manage your website's content, sections order and media

To manage the content of your website, we're using a system of blocks (sections). This approach is often referred to as a "component-based" or "modular" content management system, and it allows you to build your website using small, reusable blocks of content, such as text with image section, slideshow section, or any section that you would need to match your design/content.

After developing many websites, I found that this approach make it easier to manage and update your website, as you only need to update the individual blocks of content, rather than making changes to the entire website.

Additionally, this approach can also improve the design and layout of your website, as you can easily mix and match different types of blocks to create a variety of layouts and designs. It also allows for a more dynamic and interactive website, as you can add or remove blocks easily and quickly to reflect the changes, and create unlimited amount of pages with different layouts

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