Switch from your old website to a blazing fast one using React


Built with modern tools, for customer’s needs

The Jamstack is the new way to create websites. A fast website, higher security, cheaper hosting and that scales easily in the cloud following your needs.

You only need to choose which CMS you’d like to use and you’re ready to go!

The Website


Or Gatsby.js, 11ty...

Gatsby allows you to generate a static website. Blazing fast loading pages, optimized SEO, and an increased security… here’s what you could expect from Gatsby



Or Contentful, Prismic...

Choose a Content Management System to edit your website’s content, write articles, handle multilanguage, add images/videos … DatoCMS allows you to do that, and more

The Hosting


Or Netlify, Azure

Host your static website built with Gatsby on the cloud in just a few clicks thanks to Netlify, and start saving on the cost of your hosting

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Design & Code by Josselin Caer.

Stack : Gatsby, Prismic, Tailwind and hosted by Netlify

Paris & Medellín, January 2021